David Freed


Some writers are born. Others are made. I’m from the latter camp. Nowhere in my ambitions while growing up was there the notion that one day I might earn my keep via the printed word. I planned on becoming a physician, a heart surgeon, to be more specific—at least that’s what I told adults whenever […]


“Where do you get your ideas?” It’s a standard question writers are asked at conferences where readers and authors get together to celebrate the genre of mystery-thrillers. It’s also a question I never know how to answer. Inspiration is an elusive thing. For me, it defies explanation. Don’t ask me how, but I could be […]


Early in my journalism career, I had the pleasure of interviewing Gregory “Pappy” Boyington, a Marine Corps fighter ace and Medal of Honor recipient whose exploits fighting the Japanese in the Pacific during World War II inspired his best-selling memoir, “Baa, Baa Black Sheep,” and, later, a popular television series based loosely on his book. […]


I love airplanes. I will happily watch any movie with airplanes in it, even computer-animated cartoons featuring airplanes. Not long ago, I had the pleasure of watching Disney’s charming Planes for the first time. It’s the story of Dusty Crophopper, a lumbering, loveable crop duster from Propwash Junction who aspires to compete in a big […]

The Kill Circle

A father and son hunting deer in the mountains of Colorado happen upon a stunning sight: a vintage sports car laying upside down in an icy stream, its elderly driver dead behind the wheel. The local sheriff’s department rules it an accident; the driver was apparently going too fast, missed a hairpin turn on a […]

The Three-Nine Line

More than forty years after being freed from the infamous “Hanoi Hilton,” three aging former American prisoners of war return to Vietnam at the urging of the U.S. State Department. Their mission: to shake hands and finally make peace with their most brutal former captor, a guard they’d once nicknamed, “Mr. Wonderful.” Washington hopes the […]

Voodoo Ridge

At the height of the Cold War, a twin-engine Beechcraft bearing top-secret cargo departs from the Santa Paula Airport near Los Angeles and disappears into a blinding rainstorm. Six decades later, on a flight over the Sierra Nevada Mountains of northern California, flight instructor and former military assassin Cordell Logan discovers what appears to be […]

Flat Spin

Flight instructor Cordell Logan is a man with a dark history and dwindling savings who shares a converted garage apartment in California’s ritziest beach towns with the world’s most intellectually challenged cat. A quick-witted, sardonically humorous man struggling to come to terms with his violent past by flirting with Buddhism, Logan is going nowhere fast—until […]

Hot Start

Lounging naked one sweltering night in the swimming pool of their opulent estate in seaside Rancho Bonita, an infamous big game hunter and his wife are gunned down at long range by an expert sniper. Local police quickly charge an outspoken animal rights activist with the murders, and with good reason. The evidence against him […]

Fangs Out

With his execution moments away, the condemned killer of famous Vietnam War pilot-hero Hub Walker’s daughter makes a stunning assertion: the real murderer is a prominent U.S. defense contractor and close friend of Walker’s. Incensed by what he regards as a groundless allegation, Walker wants to hire someone to dig up information that will debunk […]