David Freed

With his execution moments away, the condemned killer of famous Vietnam War pilot-hero Hub Walker’s daughter makes a stunning assertion: the real murderer is a prominent U.S. defense contractor and close friend of Walker’s. Incensed by what he regards as a groundless allegation, Walker wants to hire someone to dig up information that will debunk the convicted killer’s claims and restore his friend’s reputation. That someone turns out to be none other than Cordell Logan.

Walker is a Medal of Honor recipient married to a former Playboy Playmate of the Year. They live in a mansion overlooking the Pacific in the exclusive San Diego enclave of La Jolla. Logan figures the job will be little more than a paid vacation and an opportunity to help restore his relationship with his beautiful ex-wife, Savannah. But soon after flying her to San Diego in his beloved, aging Cessna 172, the Ruptured Duck, Logan is sucked into a twisting vortex of lies as perplexing as it is potentially deadly.

The deeper he digs, the further away the truth appears to be, and the more in peril he finds himself. Who really killed Hub Walker’s daughter and why? Somebody wants to prevent Logan from finding out, and they will stop at nothing to silence him.

Praise For Fangs Out

“Told in first-person, Fangs Out is the second book in the widely acclaimed Cordell Logan series, and like its predecessor is filled with bullet-speed wit, original characters (and a cat to die for), plus a fast-paced and intelligent plot line, climaxing with more than one surprise…David Freed is a master of mordant one-liners for which Raymond Chandler’s leading man, Philip Marlowe, would have given his eye teeth. Highly recommended for crime and thriller fans alike.”

–The New York Journal of Books

“Freed’s skills as a reporter, screenwriter, and pilot made Flat Spin a delight, and Fangs Out continues that roller-coaster pleasure. Logan is a stubborn, wise-cracking, ordinary guy with some extraordinary skills and a passion for flying.”

–Library Journal

“Freed, an experienced pilot, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and a military affairs expert with an active security clearance, spins his suspenseful plot with the same muscular prose, hard-boiled attitude and flashes of wry humor that made the first Cordell Logan novel a critical success.”

–Bruce DeSilva, Associated Press

“An intriguing mystery. When Logan is in the air, Freed’s series really takes off.”


“Filled with humor and pop culture references, Fangs Out is a quick read that will leave even the most jaded reader eager for Cordell’s next adventure. Oh, and about that title. You are just going to have to read the book to find out what the term means.”

–Bolo Books

“Fangs Out is a fast-paced, lean plot which positively crackles with wit and invention.”

–Thinking About Books

“In Freed’s crackling second mystery…the appeal Logan, a wise-cracking, marriage-challenged loner trying to practice Buddhist tenets, once again proves his mettle as both pilot and investigator.”

–Publishers Weekly

“Freed entertains with the wisecracking Logan and a catalogue of offbeat characters. But is is not all humor. Freed, whose own flying experience is front and center and woven seamlessly into the story, has crafted a fine mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end.”

–Mystery Scene Magazine

“Exceptionally well-plotted with plenty of nicely positioned twists and turns and cleverly conceived paths of misdirection.”

–Mysterious Reviews

“All I can say is, “wow”….This one is outstanding. Action-adventure, mystery, death, and destruction, what more could a discerning reader want! The author has put together a great story.”

–Paul Johnson, ReadersFavorite.com

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