Flat Spin: Excerpt

Flat Spin: A Cordell Logan mystery

"Best 2012 International Thriller Tom Clancy Didn't Write."
-Chicago Center for Literature and Photography

"Flat Spin is a perfect take off for what I think will be a long and unique career for David Freed and his creation, Cordell Logan. They both know the turf well and I look forward to more."
-Michael Connelly

“A delightful romp...Highly recommended."
-starred review, Library Journal

"Virtually impossible to put down. If murders and mysteries are your passion, this is a book for you!"
-Portland Book Review

"Most authors, particularly those writing their first novel, prefer to play safe. If they are going to introduce anything even faintly surreal, it can come in later books when they have established themselves with a strong brand image for straight thrillers or up-and-at-’em adventure stories. They think that’s where the money is to be made and that absurdism has no place in the “bestseller”. Flat Spin succeeds in the main because it fails to match current marketing expectations. The author rather admirably thought he would allow some of the characters we encounter to act with the level of stupidity we find in the real world. These characters may have reputations as husbands and wives, or spies, or gangsters, or hitmen, or lawyers, or businessmen, but that doesn’t stop them from getting into situations everyone with any common sense would avoid. The end result, therefore, is not only an excellent first novel, but also an excellent springboard from which to launch into the other two in the series. If you have not read David Freed, start with this and work your way through to Voodoo Ridge which is outstanding."
-David Marshall, Thinking About Books

"One of the year's best...A superior novel."
-Omnimystery News

"May be one of the funniest books of the year."
-Audiofile Magazine

"Has there been a pilot-sleuth since Sky King, star of the 1950s TV series? There is one now, and he’s a keeper."

"One of the finest debuts of 2012"
-Associated Press

"Deftly plotted...An engaging protagonist...Freed, who shared in a Pulitzer Prize for the LA Times coverage of the Rodney King riots, capably balances humor and serious themes."
-Publishers Weekly

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Based in sunny Rancho Bonita —“California’s Monaco” as the city’s moneyed minions like to call it—Cordell Logan is a flight instructor with dwindling savings and a shadowy past. When his beautiful ex-wife, Savannah, informs him her husband’s been murdered in Los Angeles, Logan is quietly pleased. Savannah’s late husband, after all, was Arlo Echevarria, the man she left him for. But Echevarria was also Logan's former comrade-in-arms in a top-secret military assassination team known as Alpha. There are no stronger loyalties than those forged in battle, and Logan realizes that he has no choice but to take action. Relying on his small, aging airplane, the Ruptured Duck, and on the skills he honed working for the government, Logan hunts Echevarria’s killer from the West Los Angeles haunts of Russian Mafia to the glitzy Las Vegas Strip as he struggles to sort out his love-hate relationship the temperamental Savannah.