David Freed

Lounging naked one sweltering night in the swimming pool of their opulent estate in seaside Rancho Bonita, an infamous big game hunter and his wife are gunned down at long range by an expert sniper. Local police quickly charge an outspoken animal rights activist with the murders, and with good reason. The evidence against him is overwhelming. But then rumors begin to surface that other suspects may have had their own reasons for wanting the couple dead.

Pilot and former government operator Cordell Logan would rather not get involved in the case. He has better things to do, like trying to earn a living running his struggling flight school. However, he and the accused animal rights activist have mutual friends who persuade him to do some preliminary digging. 

What Logan soon discovers will lead him down a rabbit hole of deceit as vexing and potentially lethal as any he’s ever known. Pursuing the truth will expose him to a corrupt Congressman with ties to the White House, a European prostitution ring, and a ruthless Czech crime lord who will not hesitate to kill in protecting his business interests.


Praise For Hot Start

“David Freed is unusually well equipped to tell tales like the one in his new crime novel, Hot Start. He won a Pulitzer Prize covering the police for The Los Angeles Times, covered war in Kuwait and Iraq, worked for a government security agency…and is an experienced pilot. Like his protagonist, Cordell Logan, he owns his own airplane. The result is another well-written yarn with both a streak of quirky humor and a sense of authenticity.”

–Associated Press

“Fast paced with generous dollops of humor and populated with vividly crafted and colorful characters.”

-Library Journal (starred review)

“Freed’s fifth mystery has a great pace, abundant humor, and a lively cast of supporting characters.”

–Kirkus Reviews

“Packed with rim-shot snappy dialogue and sharply barbed observations, David Freed’s Hot Start is a tasty romp. When it’s time to choose the right moments for Buddha and the right moments for something stronger, Cordell Logan is the right guy for the job. You’ll find him in the fray, cool as a cucumber and ready to fire off the next one-liner.”

–The New York Journal of Books

“A double murder propels Logan’s well-paced, action-filled fifth mystery featuring flight instructor and former government assassin Cordell Logan….as he deals smoothly with thugs, prostitutes, politicians, and other lowlifes enroute to a satisfying conclusion.”

–Publishers Weekly

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