David Freed

More than forty years after being freed from the infamous “Hanoi Hilton,” three aging former American prisoners of war return to Vietnam at the urging of the U.S. State Department. Their mission: to shake hands and finally make peace with their most brutal former captor, a guard they’d once nicknamed, “Mr. Wonderful.” Washington hopes the reconciliation will help cement an ambitious, multi-billion dollar trade agreement between the United States and Vietnam. But when Mr. Wonderful is found murdered, communist officials accuse the ex-POWs of the guard’s slaying, and the trade agreement threatens to fall apart. 

Enter Cordell Logan.

Working with a newly formed intelligence unit that answers directly to the White House, Logan is dispatched undercover to Hanoi with two objectives: identify the real killer of Mr. Wonderful, and somehow get the former POW’s out of Vietnam before they can be tried by a kangaroo court and sentenced once again to prison. The mission will test every ounce of Logan’s resourcefulness and resolve, putting him in danger as never before.

Praise for The Three-Nine Line

“A well-written thriller with enough plot twists to keep both Logan and readers wondering what will happen next. Along the way, the story explores raw feelings that still exist among veterans on both sides of the Vietnam War and touches on a host of contemporary issues from spy satellites to human trafficking. But what makes each Cordell Logan novel especially enjoyable is spending time with the protagonist, whom Freed allows to narrate his own story. Logan is affable, funny, and introspective. Through four books now, he’s still trying, and often failing, to apply the principles of Buddhism to a life that’s in constant conflict with them. And, unlike many of today’s action heroes, he is uncomfortable with the violence he is so capable of and does his best to avoid it.”

–Associated Press

“A nifty detective story with juicy writing and a very likeable hero.”

–Kirkus Reviews

“The Three-Nine Line is an efficient and satisfying standalone mystery with a dollop of political commentary about the Vietnam War to give it some heft and enough red herrings to keep most mystery fans hooked. Cordell Logan’s shadowy network of former special ops colleagues—and his real life readers—probably couldn’t ask for a better friend.”

–Book Browse

“Outstanding…Freed pulls off the remarkable feat of writing an entertaining, first-class suspense yarn while addressing serious political and personal issues in an evenhanded, informed manner.”

–Publishers Weekly

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